Far Away

Fractured lies
A used disguise
Won’t save you from this fate
You’ll drown in hope
A thought provoked
Forced locks on every gate
Presence not
But not forgot
A promise to be kept
Here you are
Once near now far
For integrity is inept

A Moon Amongst Others

I was always intrigued by the mere thought of you. Walking within the thick of a crowd, the long anticipated moment would finally arrive as your arms embraced me. I gleamed as if I were a child meeting their hero, nothing but admiration in my eyes and hoping to spend whatever time I had occupying your presence. A nervous-wreck, it took everything for me to balance the excitement that was slipping from the words I somehow managed to string into sentences. Those moments are lost now.


It was an interesting feeling
Releasing the weight of trauma and sorrow
But also feeling more of the weight than ever before
Maybe because I was more aware it enabled me to feel more 
How interesting it is that while I find my happiness
I am also feeling exponential sadness