But if I told you that 
I loved you, would
you say it with me?

Or hold it against me?


Some of the most
Intelligent people I know
Are the ones who really
Believe that they aren’t
Capable of being loved

This just goes to show
That sometimes logic
Isn’t really logical at all


I can feel the fire 
As it rages up inside of me
It rises once again 
Slowly forming who I’m meant to be
Tried to be too different
Tried too hard to never disagree
But you were never with it
Now my love comes with a pricey fee


I slowly drag my fingers
Through silk woven sheets
Feeling the warmth of my body 
Making my way up the curves 
I reach the shallow holes
That hug the edges of my collarbone
For so long I begged
To be loved by strangers
But the only stranger I touch
Is me