You broke me into pieces
And for whatever reason
I picked up all of those pieces
And brought them back to you
Thinking that, if you were the one to break me
You would know how to put me back together

Letters To Him #4

The nights don’t hurt me anymore, even when your pain feels so lovely. A gravitational pull towards the inevitable, the moon crushes my chest in an effort to make space for your heart.

One of these nights I will hold myself and all of the versions of me I have ever left behind. I will pull on the hands of those who beg to touch, even if pleasure falls through the cracks in my fist.

Control Me

I built an entire world
I placed a home for you to reside in
And for some reason you still envied
All prior lands I lent to others
You seemingly never realized
That the small patches of grass I grewĀ 
Were a precursor to the beautiful fields
I once wanted you to own


Lingering in silenceĀ 
But you wish to be heard
Expecting the best
Without speaking a word
I cannot read your mind
Darling please help me learn
I may mirror your pain
But assumptions leave burns

Letters To Him #3

I used to pity you, and all that you had gone through. Every action that had led to the scars on your heart, all the wrong you did not deserve. That is until I discovered the vengeance you seek in those you find unworthy. What defines worth, my dear? To you, the expectations on value and respect are never held to your own doing. So what defines worth? Innocent souls trip on mistakes in your path and you condemn them for life. What defines worth? You do realize that this pattern of defining another’s worth, to you, is a viscous cycle of revenge, right?

You will never find happiness and peace while battling a non-existent war. Look around, my dear, for you have wounded those around you who have had nothing but love for you. Hearts that have been misplaced due to your lack of empathy and self serving actions. I hope you finally get what you are looking for, however, I really hope you get what you deserve.


I came across him in the dark
And like a moth to a flame
He pointed out the parts of me
That were bright and full of life
And just as I stepped close
He stole that spark he claimed to love
And used it to light the path he left on


I will love the same way I loved beforeĀ 
I will love someone even if Iā€™m unsureĀ 
I will love even when my heart becomes soreĀ 
I will love until life lets me love no more

Letters To Him #2

I still can’t believe the levels of absolute sorrow you built for me, slowly pushing me into insanity. You absolutely crushed me, destroyed every broken piece of me until you were satisfied enough to walk away. I was too soft between your rough fingers, begging you to hold me gentle, you ignored all of my pleads. I begged and groveled at your feet for forgiveness for mistakes that I now realize I was never at fault for. All I desired was acceptance but you made sure to give me nothing but denial.