Letters To Him #5

All of the little details and emotions that flood my mind convince me you are a demon most nights, but not tonight. Tonight I realized you aren’t a demon. I realized it is all due to the fact that you were truly my hero. I worshipped you.

I adored you and looked up to you like you were the greatest thing to have ever graced the ground I walked on. I wanted everything and anything good to make its way into your life and paint you in shades of happiness.

But you had other plans, as you reached right into the parts of me that lay void and filled them with warmth right before ripping it all right from my chest. You wrapped me in a facade of energy that felt safe and loving and infinite. I desperately fell for it all, tripping into an inevitable fall that would invariably wound me. Cutting into me deeper each time with evil precision, I couldn’t take it.

I had to go, I had to leave, it was torture.

Fatal Decision

I'm still trying to decipher
Why it is you equated
Victory with being
The last one standing
As if it wasn't possible to
Win this battle
With me by your side
You took one last swing
With a blade carved of reprisal
To blindly stab the only person
At the time who was ready to revel
In your triumph

For You

I gifted you
My sanity
With a ribbon
I tightly pushed
What was left
Into a small box
To give you
Without question

I thought 
I was in love
It was really
Your grip on me
That drove me