You planted a seed of uncertainty 
Which then sprung into this thought
That one day I might walk away
After finding a love you were not

You watered this concept for far too long
It grew to consume your mind
And while you nurtured this false idea
You then foolishly left me behind 

I tried to stop you from losing it all
I planted a different seed
Which then grew into why I left you
For the love I could give back to me


I let your touch guide me
Drifting into the same energy 
We find ourselves visiting
Unspoken yet synchronized desires
Folding within and together
We’re falling into unknown territory
But we will deal with the risks
While time remains still

Always Me

Dripping in sin
Cold with a grin
She’s begging to touch
But you never give in

Poisonous tongue
Only for fun
A dangerous game
You have now just begun

Take one more step
Don’t hold your breath
There’s rapture inside
But it all ends in death