I can feel the fire 
As it rages up inside of me
It rises once again 
Slowly forming who I’m meant to be
Tried to be too different
Tried too hard to never disagree
But you were never with it
Now my love comes with a pricey fee


She approached me in all black
With her fingers dipped in gold
I tried to get some answers
But her responses left me cold
She gazed out of the window
And was speechless for some time
She turned to me and whispered
“I miss that light inside my eyes”

You Own Me

Sometimes I feel I control my life
And sometimes I feel like I don’t
I had no say on the start of my time
That decision was never my own
And even though life is a gift to give
And I’m always in charge of the tone
I really don’t care what life I live
As long as it’s life in your home


I slowly drag my fingers
Through silk woven sheets
Feeling the warmth of my body 
Making my way up the curves 
I reach the shallow holes
That hug the edges of my collarbone
For so long I begged
To be loved by strangers
But the only stranger I touch
Is me

Far Away

Fractured lies
A used disguise
Won’t save you from this fate
You’ll drown in hope
A thought provoked
Forced locks on every gate
Presence not
But not forgot
A promise to be kept
Here you are
Once near now far
For integrity is inept