I never felt at peace
And now my world is standing still 
The war used to consume 
But now no voids call me to fill 
I used to never sleep
Now nights bring dark against my will
I never feel too weary
Now that the calm seeks all my thrill


She approached me in all black
With her fingers dipped in gold
I tried to get some answers
But her responses left me cold
She gazed out of the window
And was speechless for some time
She turned to me and whispered
“I miss that light inside my eyes”

Come Find Me

I always seem to trap myself 
In the maze that is my mind
And without any navigational aid
You somehow find a way through
Constantly and effortlessly pulling me
Out of a self-created labyrinth
Not even I could escape the depths of
It’s important to remind yourself
That in the absence of someone else’s presence
You are never to question or demean 
The worth of your own existence