Give me the reason
For why the skies
Fell with no sound
And while everything
Was falling apart
I wasn’t aware
The roof was crumbling 
Until it was too late


His eyes fell in deep shades of blue 
And I’m not sure if he knew
But just like the ocean deep
Everyone stares in the 
Reflection of the surface
But the depth and soulful worth
Is often left undiscovered


You accused me of infidelity 
And it seeped into my mind
You thought I wasn’t loyal
Thought I kept some on the side
Constantly you shamed me
You were convinced I fed you lies
I see now you were filled with guilt
You were the one with high supply


I came across him in the dark
And like a moth to a flame
He pointed out the parts of me
That were bright and full of life
And just as I stepped close
He stole that spark he claimed to love
And used it to light the path he left on