His eyes flicker
Back and forth with concern
As he carefully places
Intricate lines
Fiddling with dimensions
Playing with spaces
He is the master
Behind this craftsmanship

His passion in his work
Is something not even I
Could ever be the muse of


I will take you with me
Wherever I go
On a journey moving forward
To let my love show

You do not have to join me
But I need you to know
That you'll always be here
As I start to pave this road


I woke up in a path of destruction. Fumbling about, I gathered myself and assessed the situation.

Wait, where am I?

I blinked a couple times but nothing appeared lucid as I rubbed my eyes for clearer visionary understanding.

How long have I been here?

Clouds of smoke billowed around me and an unfamiliar terrain seems to surround me.

Have I been here before?