You Own Me

Sometimes I feel I control my life
And sometimes I feel like I don’t
I had no say on the start of my time
That decision was never my own
And even though life is a gift to give
And I’m always in charge of the tone
I really don’t care what life I live
As long as it’s life in your home
What do you do 
When a love so strong
Starts to take on a form of its own?
Do you let it run free
Like the wind through the trees
Or anchor it down to a home?
It was just hitting noon
When I thought about you 
Under waves of the afternoon heat

I could picture your stare
How we danced everywhere 
How your love always tasted so sweet .
But a cloud met the sun
And nostalgia won
As I stood in the shade all alone

Thinking “how could it be?”
Thought it’d always be me
To tell others that you were my home