Letters To Him #4

The nights don’t hurt me anymore, even when your pain feels so lovely. A gravitational pull towards the inevitable, the moon crushes my chest in an effort to make space for your heart.

One of these nights I will hold myself and all of the versions of me I have ever left behind. I will pull on the hands of those who beg to touch, even if pleasure falls through the cracks in my fist.

Control Me

I built an entire world
I placed a home for you to reside in
And for some reason you still envied
All prior lands I lent to others
You seemingly never realized
That the small patches of grass I grew 
Were a precursor to the beautiful fields
I once wanted you to own


Lingering in silence 
But you wish to be heard
Expecting the best
Without speaking a word
I cannot read your mind
Darling please help me learn
I may mirror your pain
But assumptions leave burns