Note to Self

A deliberately cruel moment it is
To realize you are tasked with
Using a quick tongue
Often left unheard in the moments
You wish to be the loudest

That voice stuck inside you
Trapped by your own doing
Yet written for the world to read
You will find the lessons and words
You give to those around you
Are not meant for
The stranger on a screen
But the stranger in your reflection

These moments are yours


His eyes fell in deep shades of blue 
And I’m not sure if he knew
But just like the ocean deep
Everyone stares in the 
Reflection of the surface
But the depth and soulful worth
Is often left undiscovered


Follow me 
I’ll pretend
Everything’s okay
Look at me
I’ll force a smile
You can’t fake
You know it’s lies
But I will dance
With your mistakes
Follow me 
We’ll both pretend that
We’re okay